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Worried you messed something up? Looking ahead in your build and need an extra set of hands? We invite you to submit your application for our new series Barndo Rescue. 


Being that we self-built our barndominium, we always are looking for ways to help others on the same path. Taking time out of our schedule to travel and see other barndominium builds is one of the things we want to do most!


Paul is willing to come and help you with your project, making it a little easier to Build Your Dream.


All Barndo Rescue content will be filmed + photographed for use on MR Post Frame platforms. Please do not submit an application unless you are willing to have you and your project appear in our content on or off line. We WILL NOT require your exact location, last name, or children to appear in this content.

Barndo Rescue Application

Will all necessary materials be on site prior to Paul's arrival?
Most Barndo Rescue will take place during the week. Will you be available to work with Paul?
Upload Photos
Upload Doc

Thanks for your application! A team member will be in touch soon to discuss next steps.

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