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Is Self Building Worth It? | The Intro | Ep 1

All right, welcome back to MR Post Frame! For those of you who don't know, my name is Paul, and this is my wife Emily. This post marks the introduction to a new series we're launching called "Is Self-Building Worth It?" We'll be revisiting our journey, discussing the challenges we faced, and offering insights into the process.

MR and MRS Post Frame

Let's start by giving you some background on who we are and how we got to this point. I grew up on a farm, familiar with outdoor construction, while Emily and I met back in 2006 through mutual friends and married in August 2007. By 2008, we realized our current career paths weren't leading us where we wanted to go financially.

We made a conscious decision to become debt-free, following Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University. This allowed us to have more control over our future and ultimately led to opportunities we wouldn't have had otherwise. Despite starting with little, we worked hard and learned valuable skills along the way.

MR Post Frame Family

Fast forward to January 17th, 2024, and we find ourselves reflecting on the journey that began back in 2018 when we moved to Iowa with our young family. I made the decision to quit my job in law enforcement due to personal reasons, and we faced various challenges, including living in unfinished homes. Despite these hardships, our commitment to financial stability and determination kept us going.

In 2018, we purchased a piece of land in Iowa, which sparked our interest in building a post-frame home. Despite initial doubts, we embraced the challenge, envisioning a low-maintenance lifestyle that appealed to our exhausted selves.

Our business, Back 40 Buildings, has since evolved into a full-service architectural firm specializing in custom barnominiums. We're dedicated to helping others navigate the self-building process and offer resources and support through our Patreon community.

Madison County, Iowa

In this series, we'll delve into various aspects of self-building, sharing our experiences, answering questions, and providing valuable insights for anyone considering a similar path.

So, if you're curious about self-building or the post-frame style of construction, join us on this journey. We appreciate your support and look forward to sharing our story with you.

Thank you,

MR Post Frame

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Interested in tackling your build on your own? If you want to explore the possibility of being your GC or self-building, our Patreon membership is for you! It's a community of like-minded people offering support, discounts, Q/A, and more.

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