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Priming + Painting the House

Finding ourselves at this stage of the project makes us sigh with relief. It was a nail-biter waiting to get everything redone and back on track. We discovered the moisture in our walls on February 9, and it took until April 19 to get back. Losing 69 days was REALLY discouraging, but we are grateful to be able to move forward again. Let's see what happens in the next 69 days!

Paint can be an overwhelming decision making process. From the beginning of the project we opted to keep things simple. We used Sherwin Williams ProMar 200 primer and Super Paint Interior Paint + Primer. We chose the satin (eggshell) finish and while this might not be the "professional" thing to do we used it on the ceilings and walls. This saved a lot of time, and allowed for us to use the sprayer for the entire job. We can also easily return the paint that we didn't use since there was no added tint.

Speaking of sprayers, we bought ours several years ago, and it's been with us through many projects! We have a couple of different ones depending on the size of the paint job. You'll see the smaller one when we're working on trim and doors!

A random but helpful thing we did was to use baby washcloths in a bucket of water for our eyes and hands. We might have used it a couple of times on the GoPro too... trying to film painting is a little crazy!

Everything we used is listed in our Amazon store under the Painting section.

As we furnish and decorate each room, we have plans to add color to a handful of walls. We didn't try and figure all of that out from the beginning though to make it easier on us. There are so many decisions we are making right now with building materials that decorating wasn't at the top of my list! I'll get to that soon!

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