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Storm Shelter Part 2 Ep5.2

The forms for the walls of the storm shelter were constructed by Paul. When you’re doing something by yourself, often you have to come up with creative ways to do a job that a crew usually goes. Getting so many sheets of plywood into the foundation hole was exhausting at best especially in the heat of summer.

Despite the obstacles, the storm shelter came together. Walls are up, and it’s a step closer to starting the above ground structure.

We considered purchasing a pre made 5'x8' storm shelter that would have sat above in the garage. Because Paul did this himself, the storm shelter was actually less expensive and provides a lot more space. We are now able to use it for more than just a space to seek shelter during a storm. It is large enough to store canned goods and whatever else we need.

This build is in Iowa, where storms are a normal part of the spring/summer. We always get questions why we added windows to the storm shelter, and the main reason is we want an escape route should the structure collapse. We can't predict what might happen, but with extra secure covers over the window used during a storm we should be protected if the glass were to break. It is a place to "seek shelter". We would have made a different decision if we lived further south where the storms are typically stronger and more frequent.

If you followed along on YouTube you know that the rain was a huge issue. It delayed progress by at least two months. Fortunately there was enough of a break to get the concrete walls poured.

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