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What does it mean to join the MR Post Frame Builder Network?


By joining our builder network you’ll receive referrals for builds in your area. We handle the intake, establish budget, work with the client on their plans, and deliver to you a qualified “ready to build” project. We want you to be able to focus on giving your clients a great build experience.


We will work with you and get to know your build practices, scope of your business, availability, and how much you want us to be involved with the prospect. We have a commission fee based on how much or how little work the MR Post Frame team is doing for you and your client.


What is MR Post Frame Pro Staff? 


Builders who have a desire to share their projects via social media can be a part of the MR Post Frame Pro Staff. You’ll receive training on filming, photography, and the basics of using social media platforms to promote your business. In exchange, MR Post Frame will have rights to your video footage for use on our YouTube channel and other platforms. Your projects will be featured in episodes alongside other pro staff.


As a member of the Pro Staff you’ll receive exclusive discounts and other benefits. You don’t have to have influencer experience, just a desire to share your knowledge and builds.

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