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Getting Items Delivered When You Live In the Country

Country living is pretty awesome, but there are a couple of things you could call drawbacks. Top of the list is quick access to everyday essentials.

We have over 30 items that are delivered to use throughout the year. See them all HERE.

Amazon Subscribe and Save is a non-Prime service that was introduced to me almost 10 years ago. Grocery shopping exhausts me with all of the picking up and handling of each item, and this got worse when I was hauling kids and carseats! I also found I had a lot less room in the cart for what we needed!

The sub/save program can be customized every month, you can change how often or how many items you get. You save at least 5% on your items, but if your delivery has 5 or more that amount is usually boosted to 15%. Some of the kid items are 20% off! There's a tab on Amazon where you can shop items that offer subscribe and save... go explore!

SOOOO good if you're trying to kick a pop habit or just want a sweet treat!

I get as much as I can via delivery, and love that I don't have to remember to re-stock.

What are some things you like getting delivered?

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