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30 x 40 Garage | Installing a Metal Ceiling | Part 4

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

We're ready to talk about the installation of metal ceilings on this 30 by 40 garage. We've faced a lot of rain since the construction began. We've completed the concrete work, applied spray foam, and added three-quarter-inch plywood around the entire inside of the building. Recognizing the need for added protection, we decided to incorporate a six-mil plastic vapor barrier, especially crucial given the metal ceiling we're working with.

Metal ceiling plastic barrier

Dealing with plastic in such conditions can be challenging, but I'll share a couple of tips to make the process easier. First off, we cut small squares of cardboard and use them as a buffer when stapling. This prevents the staples from tearing through the plastic, saving us from a headache. This simple hack prevents the staples from tearing through the plastic, making the installation process much smoother.

With nailers strategically positioned for the trim between the trusses and along both sides of the end, we set the stage for the next phase – hanging the plastic and proceeding with the meticulous installation of our steel panels.

Installation of 16 foot long metal sheets

Now, when it comes to the steel panels, it's essential to have a proper overlap. Ideally, aim for 2 to 6 inches of overlap on your panels. We used 16-foot panels, which are manageable for two people. I like to start at one end, run the steel to the other, and then measure to ensure a parallel and square fit. The alternating overlap pattern is a personal preference, but there's flexibility in how you approach it.

After the steel installation, the ceiling looked much better in this 30 by 40 space. If you're working on a similar project with a lower ceiling, consider making T-shaped supports out of two by fours. This handy trick provides extra support when installing 16-foot sheets.

30x40 post frame garage

Another tip for the six-mil vapor barrier, cutting cardboard squares and using them as makeshift washers for staples is a game-changer. This ensures the plastic stays securely in place. And it helps make the installation process easier especially with less than fortunate weather conditions.

Wrapping up this project, we'll be installing LED lights from Prime Lights to brighten up the space. They'll run parallel to the trusses, and it's a straightforward process. Excited about the progress, and even though there's some attic access work left.

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