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Below Grade Insulation + In-Floor Radiant Heat Prep | Hitz Halter Insulation

Welcome back to MR Post Frame. We're excited to take you through the latest developments in our ongoing 40x96 construction project. From plumbing challenges to innovative solutions with a mini skid steer, we've got it all covered. In our latest session, we confronted the aftermath of plumbing and electrical installations beneath the slab. Pipes crisscrossed, making the space a bit chaotic. To simplify the situation and save our backs, we opted to rent a mini skid steer. For a mere $215, it proved to be a worthwhile investment.

Getting Up to Grade:

Transitioning to getting the space up to grade, we completed the frost protection insulation phase. After a few weeks of waiting for the rough-in plumbers and electricians, we could finally level and compact the area. String lines and creative techniques came into play, ensuring precision in our groundwork.

Beneath the Slab:

Hitz Halter under slab

Now, let's talk insulation – specifically, the Hitz Halter insulation. A 4x24 fan fold, it's our go-to for convenience and efficiency. With a vapor barrier on both sides, we meticulously taped the seams. The compactor played a vital role in smoothing out jagged rock edges, providing a solid foundation for what's to come.

In Floor Heat Tubing:

In floor heat tubing

Moving forward, we jumped into running the In floor heat tubing. With two different zones dedicated for the house and garage, our 12-inch spacing aligned seamlessly with our grid lines. Precision was very important to this process – from tubing alignment to our carefully planned cuts, ensuring grid line consistency.

Concrete Prep:

As we geared up for concrete, we safeguarded the tubing with conduit. Pressurizing the system to 50 psi became a crucial step, allowing us to identify and fix issues before the concrete pour. However, a minor hiccup occurred – a broken line during the pour. Since I had pressurized it, I was able to find the leak and repair it with a metal coupling. Pre-pressurization allowed for a quick repair, proving the importance of being present during the concrete process.

Decorative Cuts for Finished Living Space:

DIY in-floor heat

Consider adding decorative cuts for your finished living space – it gives a unique touch to your concrete floor. In our case, we often opt for diamond or square cuts around 4x4 dimensions. It not only adds aesthetic appeal but also enhances the overall design.

If you're curious about the insulation we're using, head to our website's landing page, where you can input your building size for a detailed estimate on the Hitz Halter insulation. It's a game-changer for maintaining a comfortable and energy-efficient space. That concludes today's blog update on our 40x96 construction journey.

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