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Building a GIANT Timber Truss

At my house, I have a substantial pile of Douglas fir timbers. Among them, I have 6x6 and 6x8 timbers, with a couple of them being 24 feet long. My plan is to construct a 48-foot-wide Timber truss. To hold it all together, we'll be using metal plates and connecting gusset plates.

DIY truss

This task involves laying everything out, cutting the required angles, and temporarily securing the truss pieces together. This allows us to take measurements for the plates that need to be manufactured. I'll create cardboard templates for these plates and take them to a local machine shop for fabrication. Once the plates are made, they'll be powder-coated, and we can then transport all the pieces to the job site. Given the size of the truss, 48 feet, it's impractical to transport it fully assembled. Let's move forward. I've prepared a large flat surface in front of my garage for this task, so we'll get started by unpacking the timbers and laying them out.

In terms of the truss's specifications, we've calculated the angles and dimensions to ensure a precise fit. The bottom chord, constructed with 6x6 timbers, has been cut and positioned, and the top chord, made of 6x8 timbers, is also in place. All of our cuts have been meticulously measured and executed using a Stabila angle finder to maintain accuracy.

Measurements for a truss

In addition to the chords, we've tackled the center support post and the side posts. These are critical components of the truss, and we've ensured that they align perfectly with the design, making use of calculated angles.

As part of the process, we're preparing cardboard templates for the metal plates that will connect the truss components. These templates are instrumental in guiding the metal fabricator to produce the required plates accurately. Once manufactured, these plates will be powder-coated black, and we're planning to use black bolts for assembly.

Building your own timber truss

In conclusion, we've completed the initial phase of constructing the truss, and we've delivered the disassembled components to the client, providing them with the opportunity to customize the truss to their preferences. The build site is ready, and we're excited to start the installation, where this 48-foot A-frame truss will become a striking architectural feature in the house. We've taken all the necessary steps to ensure precision in the construction, and our next video will detail the reassembly and installation process. We appreciate your support and encourage you to subscribe and share our content with friends. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting project!

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