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Building a Post Frame Home | ICF Frost Wall for Post Frame Home | Part 3

Squaring and Layout:

Squaring the layout of a post frame home

The process begins with ensuring the foundation is squared off, starting with snapping a chalk line. The goal is to lay out the foundation in such a way that the forms and concrete will fit precisely. The narrator marks a corner for the form and accounts for insulation, emphasizing the importance of precision in these measurements.

Laser Alignment:

The use of a layout laser becomes crucial for maintaining accuracy. The speaker demonstrates aligning the laser to create a 90-degree line, utilizing an auto-align feature to ensure precision. The absence of a tape measure highlights the importance of being prepared and the need for attention to detail.

Chalk Lines and Measurements:

ICF Blocks- Barndominium

After aligning the laser, the speaker marks points, measures the length of the wall, and repeats the process around the entire foundation. This step ensures that the chalk lines are consistent, setting the foundation for the subsequent construction phases.

Spray Foam and Wall Building:

The construction of the foundation involves the use of ICF blocks, with attention to detail in placing them and using spray foam to secure the bottom course. The demonstration of using HB clips for added strength and stability highlights the commitment to structural integrity.

Rebar Installation:

Rebar and ICF blocks for barndo foundation

The inclusion of rebar is a critical step for reinforcing the foundation. The speaker emphasizes the need for maximum strength by placing rebar on both sides of each course, ensuring stability for the structure.

Utility Considerations:

The construction process takes into account future utilities. The narrator demonstrates planning for electrical and water lines, showing holes for conduits and explaining the need to consider utility placements in advance.

Customizing Blocks:

Adaptability is showcased by customizing blocks to ensure a seamless fit. The speaker explains the process of modifying blocks for a clean finish and continuous thermal break, emphasizing the practicality of the approach.

Final Checks and Bracing:

Barndominium Frost Wall

Before the concrete pour, the speaker conducts final checks, ensuring dimensions are accurate and the wall is properly braced. Attention to detail, precision, and adherence to plans are highlighted as crucial elements.

Concrete Pouring:

Concrete pouring is a significant milestone, and the speaker provides insights into the process, including the challenge of dealing with frozen rock in one of the trucks. The commitment to quality is evident in the decision to pour in two stages, allowing for proper vibration and consolidation of the concrete.

Post-Pour Considerations:

Pouring concrete for a frost wall

Post-pour, the speaker discusses additional steps, such as column footings for a porch and the necessity of allowing time for curing. This underscores the patience required in construction and the strategic planning needed for subsequent phases.


The video not only documents the physical aspects of constructing an ICF frost wall but also emphasizes the importance of meticulous planning, attention to detail, and adaptability in the face of challenges. It serves as a comprehensive guide for those interested in or involved in similar construction projects, providing valuable insights into the intricacies of the process.

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