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Building a Post Frame Home | Roof Sheathing + Valley Trusses | Remington | Part 7

Post frame home prior to sheathing

Hello, welcome back to MR Post Frame! Today marked a pivotal juncture in our building endeavors as we dove into the process of constructing a sturdy and visually appealing structure. Our day started off with the careful installation of the fascia board along the backside, and then moving our efforts to the sides of the structure.

Adding a layer of complexity to the process, I took the time to cut blocks designed to perfectly match the pitch of the roof. These blocks were strategically placed at joints where the fascia board met, adding not just aesthetic appeal but also reinforcing the structural integrity by providing a robust connection between the fascia boards and trusses. This meticulous attention to detail at the onset set the tone for the rest of our construction journey.

Putting OSB on a post frame barndo

With the initial fascia board installment complete, our focus pivoted to the next crucial step – straightening the tails of the trusses. A string line became our guiding companion, highlighting specific trusses that needed adjustments. It's imperative to achieve impeccable alignment before venturing into the next phase – the sheathing process.

For the roofing material, we opted for the reliable and cost-effective half-inch OSB. The practicality of this choice, especially in the context of a budget, prompted us to address the anticipated questions about the omission of more specialized materials like WeatherLogic. While the latter presents itself as a superior option, OSB, coupled with our chosen synthetic paper for added protection, aligns perfectly with our goal of achieving durability without compromising financial prudence.

Installing synthetic paper on post frame roof

Safety, an ever-present concern in construction, took center stage as we employed tow straps around the truss bottoms, maneuvering them to achieve the desired alignment. The use of harnesses further underscored our commitment to creating a secure working environment, emphasizing the well-being of our construction team.

Now I want to move on to the valley trusses, this is an intricate process that takes some time to get right. Marking the center of the roof with chalk lines and precise measurements ensured that when manipulating the trusses, we could rely on a foolproof method of aligning them with the marked center, ensuring uniformly perfect peaks.

OSB and synthetic paper on A-Frame

As we progressed with the sheathing process, our attention to detail remained unwavering. Considerations such as truss and purlin placements were factored in, ensuring that each step contributed not just to the immediate task at hand but also to the overall structural integrity of the building. A conscious decision was made to forgo the use of H-clips, a testament to our commitment to achieving a seamless finish when the steel cladding is eventually added.

In summary, our construction approach is a combination of practical considerations, budget constraints, and an unwavering commitment to safety and precision. To further delve into these intricacies, we have our Patreon build group. This platform serves as a hub for more in-depth discussions, answering specific questions, and offering an immersive look into the intricacies of our construction projects. Thank you for joining us on this journey, and stay tuned for more updates as we navigate through the upcoming phases of this construction process!

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MR Post Frame

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