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Building a Shouse | Roof Trims - Soffit + Fascia | Part 9

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Soffit and Fascia Installation

In part nine of the shouse series, we'll get into some of the details of post-frame homes and buildings, specifically focusing on soffit, fascia, and corner trim. Before we jump into it, I want to acknowledge the challenges we faced with this portion of the project. We encountered issues with steel and trims that weren't the right size, which can be a common frustration in construction, especially when you're working independently. However, now we are ready and determined to complete the soffit, fascia, and corner trim.

Soffit Detail:

We begin by addressing the end of the soffit, where the side wall meets the end wall. Achieving a seamless transition is our goal as we run the soffit straight down from the end of the wall to the front sidewall fascia. For those without a large enough soffit board, you can still piece together multiple sections. You'll need to follow three key measurements: the width , the height of the inner part, and the height of the outer part. Mine were 9 ¾ inches for the height, 22 3/8 inches for the inner one side, and 2 ¼ inches for the outer. You then go through the process of cutting and fitting these pieces to cover the end, ensuring a clean and professional appearance. For the installation of the soffit, each piece needs to be cut and positioned with precision to ensure a snug fit.


Installing facia on shouse build

Fascia boards serve to finish the edges of the roof, concealing the exposed ends of the roof's rafters or trusses. While the standard installation process involves securing fascia to the ends of the rafters, we've had to adapt due to the delay in receiving the necessary trim. In our case, we'll be installing the fascia starting from the top down, rather than the conventional bottom-up approach. At the intersection where the soffit meets the fascia, we introduce a color-matching aluminum trim to create a J-channel. This J-channel is a crucial element for the soffit to rest upon, providing structural integrity and ensuring a clean finish.

Roof Corner Trim:

Roof corner trim to prevent oil-canning

The installation of roof corner trim is a meticulous process that demands proper alignment and an avoidance of oil-canning issues. We initiate this process at the bottom and meticulously work our way up. Make sure you’re paying close attention to alignment and detail to prevent any oil-canning concerns. The ridge cap is the final piece of the puzzle, essential for sealing the peak of the roof and ensuring it's watertight. To maintain the integrity of our walkthrough, we'll save the discussion of the ridge cap for our next part.

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