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Hammer Time | Weaver Tool Belt

Welcome to Hammer Time with MR Post Frame! In this series, we delve into tools, equipment, and everything related to building your dream. Today's episode is all about the Weaver Tool Gear tool belts that I use on a daily basis. Let's discuss the two primary tool belts I regularly use and how I utilize them.

Weaver tool belt review

To understand how I got introduced to Weaver Tool Gear, we need to rewind to last year when we attended NFBA. There, I stumbled upon their booth and had the pleasure of meeting Glenn Coblentz, who's part of the Weaver Tool Gear team. Their tool bags immediately caught my attention due to their evident high quality. After some conversation and a trial, I've been wearing these bags ever since, and I must say, I'm thoroughly impressed with their quality and performance.

The tool belt I'm currently wearing is a leather Super Framer. These tool belts come in different sizes, and I prefer using them with suspenders to distribute the weight evenly. I'll walk you through how I use these belts and explore the various pockets and features.

Pros of using the Weaver Tool Belt

Starting on the right side, I've traditionally kept my tape measure in the outer pocket. Weaver Tool Gear also offers a specific tape measure holder, though personal preference keeps me sticking with the outer pocket. I'll continue with the various pockets on this side.

On the opposite side, you'll find a selection of different pencils, including colored ones for marking different materials. These pockets are highly convenient for quick access to the right pencil for the job. In this pocket, I have my gray pencil, which is my go-to, and a framing pencil for specific tasks.

In the front pocket on this side, there's a tool pouch that I typically use for trim work. This pouch can be inserted into either the leather or poly bags. I also have a poly bag, which I use when I need to take my tool belt on and off frequently. It's a quick and easy option with convenient quick latches for easy attachment and removal. I'll insert this pouch when I'm doing metalwork, but I usually don't keep it in the bag at all times.

Now, let's discuss how I store my hammer. I typically keep my hammer in the rear hammer loop when it's not in use, and when I know I'll be using it frequently, I move it to the front loop for easy access. When not in use, I tuck it in the back to keep it out of the way.

Weaver Tool Gear

In the left pouch, I keep my square, and these bags are available for both right-handed and left-handed users. For my personal preference, I keep my square on the left side. I also store my construction calculator, a small level, and my utility knife in this pouch. There are two outer pouches where I typically keep screws, nails, and various fasteners. Most of the time, I have 3-inch nails and 30 Penny hand drives.

One excellent accessory that Weaver Tool Gear provides is a drill accessory hook, which I place strategically on my belt for easy access to my drill. Depending on the type of nailer or stapler I'm using, this hook also accommodates different tools, making it highly versatile and practical.

For my drill bits, I have them organized for quick access. These pouches are memory pouches, so they keep the bits secure and easily accessible. I usually have a T25 in my drill, but I also keep Phillips, T10 for trim screws, and T30 and T40 for structural lags. These bits are always within reach, which saves me from running back to the trailer when I need to switch tools.

MR Post Frame Hammer Time

When it comes to the leather tool bag, it's not only durable but also designed with practical features. The bag was already pre-broken in when I first put it on, making it comfortable to wear. It's crafted from genuine leather and features a high-quality interior liner. At the bottom, there are small weep holes that allow water to drain out, a thoughtful addition for those working in wet conditions.

When it comes to switching to the poly bag, to put it on, you unclip the chest strap, and there are various loops that allow you to fine-tune the placement of your bags for your comfort. This makes it easy to customize your setup. Poly bags have a similar setup with outer pockets, tape measure hooks, hammer loops, and pouches for tools. They also include a spot for your cat's paw, and handles for convenient transportation or hanging. For those interested in these bags, you can find them on Weaver Tool Gear's website, where they offer bags for various trades in both leather and poly options, along with a range of accessories.

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