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How Much Is A Metal Roof? | MAD County Standard | Part 10


Welcome back to Mr. Post Frame! Today, we're delving into the intricate world of roofing, exploring essential elements such as the gutter apron, steel for corners, gable ends, ridge cap, and snow guards for a barndominium metal roof.

Key Roofing Considerations:

Square barndominium roof

When embarking on a metal roofing project, the importance of having a square roof cannot be overstated. A square roof facilitates the seamless installation of steel, making the entire process smoother. Additionally, consider making your roof span a multiple of three for added ease. For instance, a sidewall measuring 39 feet can benefit from 18-inch overhangs, bringing it to a neat 42 feet, a multiple of three. This strategic approach ensures that corners fit perfectly without unnecessary complexities.

Garage Roof:

Ensure precise alignment before securing one side of the garage roof. Strategic measurements, such as 3/16 inches in the kitchen, contribute to the overall stability and aesthetic appeal of the roofing project.

House Roof Installation:

Installing a metal roof on a barndo

Transitioning to the house roof, the marking of purlins takes center stage. The meticulous process involves marking the first purlin, maintaining a two-foot center, and ensuring accurate dimensions, such as 42 and 3/8 inches. These steps lay the foundation for a square and well-structured roofing system.Aligning with marked lines and confirming overhang measurements, the installation of the house roof demands precision. Secure one side before making necessary adjustments, ensuring a seamless and visually appealing outcome.

Ridge Cap Detail:

Price estimate for barndominium roof

Attention to detail is paramount when it comes to ridge cap installation. String lines guide the placement of vented closure strips, contributing to both aesthetics and functionality. A seamless trimming approach is adopted for a clean finish, addressing potential oil canning issues. Vented closures not only waterproof the structure but also promote ventilation.


Mastering roofing essentials involves a meticulous blend of precision, strategic planning, and attention to detail. At Mr. Post Frame, we're committed to sharing our insights and experiences to make your roofing projects seamless and successful.

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