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Interior Framing Part 1 | Single Story Barndo | 40x96x12

Welcome back to MR Post Frame! Today, we're diving deep into interior framing for a one-story barndominium. Join us on this exciting journey as we break down the process step by step.

Step 1: Preparing for Insulation

Before we jump into the framing details, it's crucial to prep for insulation, specifically 3 inches of closed-cell spray foam on all walls. The process begins with installing the bottom green treated Girt, followed by the top regular Girt, and capping off the wall cavity. Even if spray foam isn't in your plan, capping the wall cavity prevents unwanted air circulation. To streamline the process, we cut plywood pieces, secure them with screws, and create a template for efficient cutting. The goal is to cap off the wall cavities with precision, ensuring a snug fit for insulation.

Step 2: Cutting and Measuring

Interior framing of a barndominium

Our meticulous approach involves checking measurements and ensuring uniformity. Using a combination of cutting techniques and careful measurements, we guarantee that each piece fits seamlessly. Whether it's the bottom girt or the top one, precision is the key to success.

Step 3: Sidewall Girts and Column Placement

Our framing journey progresses with the installation of sidewall Girts. We always start with sidewall Girts, aligning them with corner columns in line with sidewall columns. This meticulous approach, explained in detail, ensures a secure and level foundation for the entire framing structure.

Step 4: Post Spray Foam Measures

After the spray foam application, we introduce an additional step - adding a 2x4 along the wall. This not only provides additional support but also avoids hindering future work with the foam. Our careful planning ensures a seamless transition from spray foam to the next steps in the framing process.

Step 5: Top Girt and Bay Specifics

DIY Interior framing

Moving on to the top Girt, we encounter a minor hiccup - a quarter-inch shortage. Our ability to adapt on the fly is highlighted, showcasing the real-world challenges that come with construction projects. The top Girt is cut and prepared for installation, with an insightful discussion on various ways to handle the process.

Step 6: Trip to Menard's and Adaptability

A trip to Menard's reveals a missed item in the materials list - house wrap for the Gables. I had house wrap for everything else but just forgot the two rolls I would need for the gables. This unplanned errand is a reminder that adaptability is key in construction projects. Quick decisions and a positive attitude ensure that the project stays on track.

Step 7: Blocking Wall Cavity

Fire blocking in a barndominium

We explore the necessity of blocking the wall cavity, showcasing our use of plywood for the task. Our careful explanation ensures that blowing insulation won't escape into the soffit area, and we provide practical tips for a secure block.


Step one of preparing for interior framing is complete. From bottom Girts to top Girts, and wall cavities blocked off, we've set the stage for the next steps in this exciting barndominium project. Stay tuned for more insights into the intricate world of post-frame construction!

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