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Is Your Fridge a Disaster?

There are a lot of you that follow us because you're planning or in the process of building yourself. Keeping your living situation calm, cool, and collected is usually a challenge. A few of the lucky ones stay in their current homes while building, while the majority of us find ourselves in a temporary situation. We spent the first year of our build in a rental, now we're in the garage. I've found a few people who lived in half finished houses and migrated to different areas as they finished their build.

Whether you're in a temp situation or something long-term, having an organized fridge is an ongoing process. Have you ever counted how many times a day someone is opening the fridge doors?

Here are a couple of tips..

  1. CLEAN IT OUT. I try and do this before I grocery shop. Yep, almost every week I do this. And all through the week I'm looking for ways to use up the leftovers so nothing goes to waste. If you do it on the regular it only takes a few minutes

  2. MINIMIZE PACKAGING. It doesn't just look pretty, it saves space! For the things that you buy on the regular, matching them with a container can keep them together and fit in a predictable amount of space. We do this with a lot of the kid's foods like juice boxes, yogurt, fruit cups, etc.

  3. SQUARE UP. Right now we're in a situation that I'm not getting new stuff for the kitchen, but I will absolutely be switching out all of our leftover containers for square glass ones. Square fits way better than round when it comes to maximizing storage.

These are a few of the containers I love...

Everything to make your fridge awesome

If you really like eggs

If you want to ditch the plastic

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