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Light Up Your Garage With Prime Lights LED Shop Lights

Since we are the builder, general contractor, and trades for our projects, we also have to be "the guy". We have to give ourselves recommendations on what to buy, where to buy it from, and what the best price point/quality options are.

Lighting is a VERY important part of any build or remodel project. It can make or break a space. The garage lighting is no exception. With builds like ours, most of us are looking to use our garage as more than a place to park. We designed our garage to store tools, equipment, workspace for projects, canning, utilities, and for now it's literally where we live!

We added The Bolt 2 Lamp LED Shop Lights to the entire space, and it's made a HUGE difference. They were incredibly easy to install, they're high quality, and an amazing price point. It's fairly simple to add more lights too. Prime Lights offers free layouts so you know which lights and how many are best based on your space size, ceiling height, and purpose.

In addition to their shop lights, we used a wall pack for the exterior door on the back of the garage.

Since then Paul's parents have been wanting to add lights to their shops too! Last week when Paul was at their farm he installed 4 of the same lights we used in their standard 3-stall garage. WOW! It was a great transformation that will make this space more convenient to use.

Prime Lights offers free shipping on all orders, and they want you to have an extra discount! Use code marshall7 to get 7% off when ordering online. You can also use it if you place your order over the phone. (It's the largest discount they offer!)

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