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Metal + Shingle Barndominium Roof? | Barndo Build Updates


Hey everyone, welcome back to MR Post Frame! Last summer I filmed a day in the life on my YouTube channel, and today I'm going to take you through that day. The life of a builder is busy and the projects never end. Here is what that looks like from my lense.

It's Friday the 11th, and we've just returned from an exciting trip to Utah. Today, I'll share some highlights from our visit and provide updates on our ongoing projects. Let's dive in!

Utah Trip Highlights:

Building a barndominium in Utah

We had the pleasure of visiting Roper Buildings, a Partner Builder in Utah, where we explored various building designs. Our partners are very important to us so this was a great visit to continue to build those relationships and see what they are up to down there. We strive to connect with builders nationwide to serve our design clients better.

Project Updates:

36’x80’ Barndominium:

After a brief delay, we're back on track with significant progress on this barndominium. The porches, window boxes, roof, and facia are all in place. Expect completion within the next week to a week and a half. Let me walk you through the latest developments:

Barndominium update

In the front, we've installed an A-frame porch with shingles, offering a unique contrast to the metal. This porch extends eight feet out and is 30 feet long in a coast and beam style, with a vaulted A-frame ceiling. The spacious back porch features double doors and transoms, adding style and functionality. It's 40 feet long and extends 10 feet out, also with shingles. We've implemented an innovative 14-inch floor truss system for optimal support throughout the building. The second story will feature double staircases leading to a catwalk, promising an impressive interior design feature.

Inside, we've installed window boxes and are utilizing a 14-inch floor truss system for the entire house, except for a specific open area. The second story will feature double staircases leading to a catwalk, which should be quite impressive.

40'x48' Barndominium:

Our second project is also moving forward smoothly. Interior frames are being installed, complemented by a charcoal-black roof for a sleek look. We're eagerly awaiting the delivery of i-joists for the second floor, which will enhance structural integrity. This setup allows for easy plumbing and wiring installation.

Self-build barndominium

We're focusing on stability by using half-inch wedge anchors and ensuring efficient joist installation. Framing the interiors this way provides excellent thermal insulation with closed-cell spray foam, allowing space for utilities. Progress in thermal insulation is underway, with closed-cell spray foam being applied for optimal energy efficiency. The garage is also progressing, with fiberglass batt insulation being installed. For areas without spray foam, vapor barriers are necessary.

Our Barndo Updates:

Back at the house, we're busy with various tasks, including setting up our office and studio spaces. Here's a glimpse:

MR Cool Mini Split install

Emily has worked her magic in the office space, organizing it and incorporating unique decor items to create an inspiring environment. Plans are in place for a studio setup with barn wood and rock wool insulation for soundproofing, promising a creative and functional workspace. I have some barn wood that I've collected, which I think would add a nice rustic touch to the walls. Outdoor work includes installing MRCOOL equipment for cooling multiple areas and landscaping with river rock to enhance the aesthetic appeal. Additionally, we're planning to extend water spigots out to the garden.


Thanks for tuning in to our latest update! Your support means the world to us. Until next time, take care!

Thank you,

MR Post Frame

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