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Post Frame Barndominium Exterior Wall Framing | Part 2

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Good morning, and welcome back to the Mad County Build Series! It's August 19th, and today marks the beginning of Part Two in our framing journey. Things have been quite eventful since the last update, and I'm excited to fill you in on the progress. So, let's dive right into what's been happening on the construction site.

It's a brand-new week, and my goal for today is to complete the framing for the end wall, and address the corner post, and find a solution to extend our room for lifting purposes. Luckily, my buddy Travis Shrivers is coming tomorrow to lend a hand and share his insights. It's fantastic to have support from friends who share the same passion for construction.

A picture of the Framing with some truses

Laying Out the Barndominium Wall: Before diving into the day's tasks, I needed to lay out the wall meticulously. Each post and board was numbered and marked, ensuring a smooth and precise assembly. Using a well-placed nail as a guide, I was ready to raise the wall sections, knowing that they'd align perfectly.

Challenges and Solutions: While we encountered some challenges along the way, such as the boom's capacity, we managed to find solutions. Travis came up with a brilliant idea to reinforce the room with chains, significantly improving its performance. It's moments like these when teamwork and creativity shine on the job site.

A picture of the excavator stuck in mud

August 20th brought a new day and a new approach to truss installation. Despite muddy conditions, we got our first truss up. A skid steer was stuck, and maneuvering heavy equipment was a challenge, but we persevered. With each truss successfully placed, our confidence grew.

To streamline our operations and enhance safety, we decided to invest in a scissor lift, which would prove to be a game-changer. This lift not only eased the workload but also offered a much safer alternative to climbing trusses for installation. Though it came with a cost of $3,000, it was an investment in efficiency and safety.

With the scissor lift in action, our framing progress gained momentum. We aimed to set two more trusses and a set of purlins daily, and gradually, our project took shape. Despite the rainy weather, we pushed through, determined to meet our goals.

While our journey hasn't been without its challenges, including a massive rainstorm and muddy conditions, we've continued to make headway. The building's massive scale became more apparent as it rose higher, but we remained steadfast in our commitment to the project.

finished framing of the post frame house

Finalizing the Shell: As we approached August 24th, the focus shifted towards wrapping up the shell of the house. With one truss remaining, along with a few boards and the middle post, our goal was within reach. The precise planning and hard work began to pay off as we saw the structure taking shape.

What Lies Ahead: As we conclude Part Two of our framing adventure, our attention will soon shift towards getting the roof in place and finishing up the house portion. Challenges may arise, but with determination and innovative solutions, we're ready to tackle whatever comes our way.

The Mad County Build Series continues to be a journey filled with challenges and triumphs. As we move forward, we remain committed to sharing our experiences with you. Stay tuned for Part Three, where we'll dive deeper into the construction process and the lessons we've learned along the way.

Thank you,

Mr Post Frame

Mr and mrs post frame

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