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Post Frame Cabin Rebuild | Removing Metal + Fixing Exterior Issues | Part 2

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Welcome back, we're at our family hunting cabin in Missouri, and today, we're diving into a significant renovation project for this 30 by 40-foot structure. This cabin was already here when we acquired the property. We've put in a lot of work so far, such as installing in-floor heating, plumbing, and insulation. But there's been a persistent issue – the windows have been leaking due to poor installation.

Removing metal cladding from a post frame structure

To fix this problem and the other ones that we face with this cabin, our plan was to remove the old metal siding from the outside and make our fixes with high quality material, before reattaching the metal cladding. We have better, more weather-resistant windows to replace the old leaky ones and new house wrap.

Surprisingly, we managed to remove all the metal siding in just an hour and a half, which is faster than we had expected. With the siding off, we could see the damage caused by the leaking windows, and we knew we had a lot of work ahead of us.

Reinforcing walls for post frame cabin

My dad has a vision for the interior – he wants to use shiplap for a cool look. To make that happen, we added two-by-sixes every two feet on the walls. This not only provides support but also lets us address the window areas properly. While we're fixing things, we've noticed some structural issues, like notched areas that could have been done better during the original construction. To tackle this problem, we made changes to the wall structure. We added two-by-sixes every two feet to reinforce the walls. This makes them much sturdier.

exterior house wrap and window installation

Now that the walls are reinforced and ready, it's time to wrap them with the right materials. This is a big step because after the cabin is wrapped, it means we're ready to put in the new windows. To install the windows correctly, we're using flexible flashing for the sill, applying silicone to the sides and top, and securing the windows in place. We're leaving the bottom open so that any water that gets in can easily run off. Although we've had some rainy weather, we managed to wrap all the walls, prepare the window openings, and install our windows and doors, all in one weekend.

We then re-installed our metal cladding around the entire exterior. The cabin is now ready for the next step, which is applying spray foam for insulation and energy efficiency. We've also arranged for an electrician to move the electrical box to accommodate the new kitchen. The changes we've made have dramatically improved the cabin's structure and energy efficiency. Soon this cabin will be a cozy and well-insulated retreat.

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