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Post Frame Interior Slab + Porch Concrete Pour

Hello, everyone! I'm excited to share the latest update on the construction of my dream porch. Green and the team have just kicked off the project, and it's already shaping up to be something incredible.

Concrete being poured into container

The journey begins with the crew starting work, captured in the initial moments of the video. There's a playful mention of the fleeting snow, and a contagious laughter that sets the tone for what's to come.

As the footage progresses, we witness the various stages of the construction process, from the initial preparations to the concrete pouring and applause-worthy milestones.

Around the 2:42 mark, I step in to give you a firsthand look at the progress. The concrete has set, and the team is busy with the meticulous task of saw cutting. I can feel the anticipation building as they prepare to pour the porch later in the day.

I take a moment to highlight the intricate details of the construction, such as the supports and boards strategically placed. The porch is taking shape, and I can already envision the final result.

Concrete drying after being poured on the floor

At 3:33, I share my plans for the porch, detailing its dimensions and the positioning of the rebar at two-foot intervals. The excitement is palpable as I discuss the upcoming steps, including the stress cut squares and angle cuts.

Looking ahead, I express my enthusiasm for the upcoming tasks. The porch, extending nine feet out and spanning an impressive 56 feet, holds the promise of becoming a spectacular addition to my home.

I elaborate on the meticulous planning involved, with rebar set at two-foot intervals and the foundation rising above the ground. The prospect of completing the porch in the next couple of days fills me with a sense of accomplishment.

finished product picture of the concrete floors

As the construction progresses, I share my vision for the finishing touches, including a custom-built arch above the front door. The idea is novel and challenging, and I'm excited to document the process of bringing it to life.

As I reflect on the journey so far and express my eagerness to start tying in the porch. I mention a planned hunting vacation but assure my audience that I'll be back to complete the remaining tasks.

So, there you have it—the latest update on the construction of my dream porch. Stay tuned for more as I turn this vision into a concrete reality, one thoughtful step at a time. Thanks for joining me on this exciting journey!

mr and mrs post frame

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