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Post frame Porch Ceiling Framing

Alright, folks, today's project is all about getting those ceiling joists installed. We've been running errands all morning, and now it's time to tackle this task. You see, we're working under a cedar ceiling, and the goal is to get all the lights hung up so we can rough in the electrical. Meanwhile, Remington is on bug duty, keeping the workspace clear.

First things first, I'm putting up three-quarter inch cedar planks, aiming for a foot on center. I want can lights in the middle of each section, so I've spaced them out accordingly. It's a bit of a mix with measurements, with some sections at 24 inches on center and others at 19 and 3/4 inches. But hey, it all adds up in the end.

the porch with the cedar on it

Once the lights are up, it's time to rough in the wiring. With that section done, it's onto the next, mounting boxes where needed for the hanging lights.

With the hangers in place, it's time to hang the boards. We're using undermount hangers for most of them, except for the ends where a regular 2x4 will do the trick.

After getting all the brackets up and boards laid out, it's time to start putting them up. We're saving a special corner section for laughs, where we'll need to angle a board to accommodate the cedar boards' different orientations.

Once all the boards are up, it's time to tackle that corner. I'll be running a two by six flat out to the corner, then stiffening it with a 2x4 on top before tying everything together.

mr post frame installing lights

With the framing done, it's just a matter of installing a few more lights. I'll add some boxes for ceiling fans too, just in case we decide to put them in later.

And there you have it, folks! The porch ceiling framing and can light installation are complete. Now, I'm pondering whether to add ceiling fans. What do you think? Leave your opinions in the comments below. Stay tuned for our next video, where we'll dive into the electrical work. Thanks for watching, and catch you on the next one!

mr and mrs post frame

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