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Storage Cubes

When you're embarking on a home building journey, unless you have just tons of available funds you're going to find yourself in some sort of transitional living situation. We've been remodeling homes that we lived, and there's always a good chunk of time that storage is hard to come by.

I came across these storage cubes many years ago, and instantly fell in love. They are inexpensive, easy to assemble, and they fit great in a closet. Sure you could build something that was solid wood and make it exact for your space, but hey we're busy building a house! Someday we'll have custom closet built ins, but today is not that day.

As a person who prides herself on being organized, my holy grail item is a basket/bin. You're allowed to be messy inside of your container, just so long as your mess is contained. Slap a label on it and BAM! You're organized. Yeah, it really is that easy!

The storage cube system gives you a polished, clean look, and it doesn't have to matter how messy things are inside of your bin. You can choose not to use bins like we have for our office area, but this is a first for us. You don't often come across someone who doesn't say that their life is busy, which means we don't have extra time to be putting everything neatly away. Tossing it in a bin in one of those storage cubes is guilt-free organization.

YOU WIN. Buy some of these for your closets, grab some of these bins in a color you like, and you'll be able to conquer the mess that haunts you.

Find it HERE

Find it HERE

If you want recommendations for bins and boxes to organize, read THIS post!

Don't forget some pretty tags and your label maker...

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