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Swimming Our Way Through Summer Break!

When we moved to Iowa and started looking for acreage, we always talked about how we wanted our home to be where we wanted to take a vacation. So, we've talked about all of the things we want to add in the coming years and a pool is right up there! A pond is also on the list... you can never have too many water options, right!?

Eventually we would LOVE to be able to install in-ground pool. That's a pricey addition to our place, so we know it's a ways off. Plus I'd like to wait until the kids are all a little older and taller.

However, we didn't want to go all summer without being able to take a swim break! We purchased our Intex pool locally and ordered our cover, pump, etc. online. It all arrived in less than a week and we got to work.

The first task was to choose a spot for the pool. My biggest request when doing things like this for the kids is I want it to be easy for me to see them. It makes a lot of sense for us to have the pool where we can see it from our wrap around porch or office window. Those are basically the 2 spaces I plan to spend most of the next 3 months!

Next up was creating a level spot for the pool to sit so that there wasn't too much pressure on one side, or the water level was uneven. Paul did an amazing job (of course) at this part. Perfect circle, sand, rubber mats, drainage tile, and stone completed the process. Once again the Stabila Laser Level came in handy!

Our pool came with a pump, but we upgraded to a sand filter pump to keep things cleaner. The goal is to be able to keep this pool for a few years, then get a deeper one that's a similar size. That's why we put so much though and effort into this project!

If you need us, we'll be here alllll summer! What do you have planned this summer?

Here is the list of everything we purchased for the pool!

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