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Tankless Water Heater Install | Existing Home

Paul's sister and brother in law wanted to replace their 40 gallon water tank with a tankless unit in a house they've been remodeling for the past year. In the video Paul goes over the in's and out's of replacing something like this. Some of the information given is specific to their house and the unit they purchased. You'll want to refer to the owner's manual for specifics if you're going to tackle a project like this.

We've been using tankless water heaters in our projects for 5+ years and LOVE them. We have stuck with Richmond brand and haven't had any problems. They offer a Natural Gas Version and a Liquid Propane Version. The size of unit that you need will depend on the size of your home.

For the Mad County Build we went with 2 water heaters, one for the second floor and one for the main. We'll cover a new build install in another video.

Most installs will require the following tools and supplies, and some installs will require additional items:

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