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The Barndo Build | Day 3 + 4: Framing 80' Side Walls + Purlin Prep | Ep 4 & 5

Alright, folks, welcome back to our project, we’re calling “The Barndo Build”! Today, we're back in action, gearing up for the construction of the spacious 80 by 56 building. This beauty isn't your average structure; it's a two-story marvel, housing living quarters on one end and a functional shop on the other. With towering 19-foot sidewalls and a sturdy concrete foundation poured just last week, we're ready to dive into the next phase.

Why to find your highest pier before you start building walls.

Our first task? Mapping out the columns. We begin by pinpointing the highest pier, which becomes our benchmark or 'zero' point. By establishing this reference, we ensure uniformity in column height, making it easier to fit our grade board seamlessly without any hiccups.

Moving on to our storyboard, I like to incorporate insulation and concrete thickness right from the start. This approach not only ensures that our grade board sits snugly but also provides essential protection against the elements. From marking the finished floor height to calculating insulation and concrete thickness, every detail is meticulously accounted for. This step needs to be done correctly to ensure the rest of your project can go smoothly.

Process of building barndominium exterior walls

As we transition to framing the west side wall, precision is key. As with all my projects, I lay everything out on the ground first and then stand the walls up later. We meticulously align columns and brackets, ensuring that each element fits snugly into place. This requires constant measuring to make sure we stay on track. Despite the occasional challenge with bracket placement, we stay the course, keeping our eye on the prize.

Next up, it's time to prep the purlins. Rather than measuring from the top, we opt to lay them out atop the erected walls before we lift them. This tweak in approach not only streamlines the process but also offers improved visibility. We are able to do it right from the ground which is a much easier process.

On the east side wall, our systematic approach continues. Columns and brackets are set with precision, adhering to predetermined measurements and adjusted as needed for the perfect fit. And when it comes to LVLs, we don't cut corners—each notch is carefully crafted to accommodate structural nuances. Like the first wall we make sure everything is measured and square.

Barndominium exterior walls

The next morning we are ready to lift the walls. With all the preparation the day before, it makes this step a little easier. I’m able to get in my Teleskid and slowly raise the wall up. As I do that, my guys helping me can guide it into place. The columns should slide into the wet-set brackets there for them. We then go through and make sure everything is straight and screw the column into the brackets. This isn’t a super quick process but you want to get it done right. The more pieces of the wall that go up, the stronger it becomes. Once we get everything up, we can reinforce the structure further. 

Let's talk about the windows. We've got a list here detailing our requirements. This schedule helps us understand the dimensions we need to work with. It's crucial for the rough openings to be precise. That's where the inside dimensions of the frame come into play. Then, we refer to the list and calculate the dimensions we need for each window. We always double-check our math to ensure accuracy. Once we have the measurements, we proceed accordingly. 

How to put up barndominium walls

It's been a hot one today, but we managed to get a lot done. We've made significant progress with the walls, and tomorrow looks promising too. We're almost ready for the trusses, which is exciting. Don't forget to check out our Patreon for self-builders and our design services at Back Forty Buildings

In conclusion, we're grateful for your ongoing support and engagement with our project. Don't forget to check back for future updates, and if you have any questions or comments, we're all ears. Thanks for joining us on this adventure!

Thank you,

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