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The Cedar BARNDOMINIUM Build Series | Introduction | Ep1

Hey there, folks! Welcome back to MR Post Frame. Today, I'm excited to take you through one of our latest barndominium projects—a 40 x 64 structure that's going to be transformed into amazing living space. 

Let's dive right in.

MR Post Frame Barndominium

Barndominium Overview

This spacious structure is set to become a 1200 square ft living area, complete with two bedrooms, a full bath, and a big open area flooded with natural light from numerous windows. But that's not all—there's also a loft planned, adding another 600 or so square ft to the living space, along with a 1200 ft garage. With a 14ft sidewall and a charming wrap-around porch, this building promises to nestle beautifully into its picturesque surroundings.

Breaking Down the Build

Self-built barndominium

Now, let's talk logistics. I'm going to break this project down into different sections, meticulously calculating the time it takes to complete each task, as well as the overall timeframe. While I'm tackling most of this solo, my dad will be lending a hand at certain stages—expect him to join in for about five or six days. 

From laying the footings to framing the interior, installing doors and windows, and even prepping for underslab radiant heating, every aspect of the build will be covered. And yes, that includes all the metalwork! 

Collaborative Efforts

One advantage of having a friend as a client? Access to valuable insights from other professionals. I'll be able to provide you with detailed timelines for the electrician, plumber, and other trades involved, giving you a comprehensive understanding of the entire building process.

More Info

DIY Barndo

Excited to replicate this project? Good news! The plans will be available through our architectural firm, Back Forty Buildings.  Whether you're interested in this very pan, stock plans, or looking to customize, we've got you covered. While I haven't delved deeply into every aspect of the build just yet, rest assured that I'll be covering it all in this video series. From constructing a wrap-around porch to tying in post and beam elements, nothing will be left out. 

Final Thoughts

Want to be part of a community of like-minded builders? Check out our Patreon group, where we discuss various topics and share our building experiences. Plus, don't forget to explore our Design Services at Back Forty Buildings for all your planning needs. Excited to see the magic unfold? Keep an eye out for our upcoming video releases. We're diving deep into the nitty-gritty of construction timelines, something we know many of you are curious about. As we wrap up this first post, I want to extend a huge thank you for tuning in. Whether you're a seasoned builder, DIY enthusiast, or just curious about the process, we appreciate your support. Don't forget to check out the video linked below!

Thank you,

MR Post Frame


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