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Wood Stove Hearth and Versetta Stone

Welcome back to Marshall Remodel! Today, we're diving into preparing the hearth and using Versetta Stone as a backdrop for a wood stove. Before we get into the details of why we've opted for a wood stove over a conventional fireplace or insert, our first task is to lay some hearthstones.  Emily and I reached out to Boro Building Products, who provided all the stone for this project

How to install a hearth for your wood stove

In our previous home, we found that defining the space with a hearth worked wonderfully, especially with kids—it acted as a visual border, and it just looked nice. So, Emily and I laid these stones out last night and marked their positions with tape. Now, I'm going to roughen up the concrete surface to ensure proper adhesion of the stones when I apply the thin-set.

To achieve this, I'll be using a diamond grinder attachment for my grinder. Once we've roughened up the surface, we'll move on to setting the stones in place using thin-set mortar. 

Barndominium wood stove install

After roughening up the surface, we've marked out lines with pencil to guide us in placing the stones. I'll start setting them using thin-set mortar on the concrete. It's crucial to ensure the stone aligns correctly before the mortar sets. I pay close attention to my marked outer edges to ensure alignment. I've used a quarter-inch trowel on the floor and back buttered the hearth stones for optimal adhesion.

Now, with the mortar in place between the stones, I've used a simple technique of dragging a folded piece of cardboard along the lines to smooth the mortar. I've also used duct tape to protect the edges, which I'll clean up later. Once the mortar sets a bit, I'll brush it lightly with a bristle brush to clean it up. This process is relatively straightforward and can be done using mortar cones available at hardware or home improvement stores. After letting it cure overnight, I wire brushed off any excess thin-set and ensured there were no shrinkages or cracks. 

Uses of Versetta Stone

With the hearth now complete, our next step is to apply the Versetta Stone up the wall. I'll have a wood stove sitting on the hearth with Versetta Stone going all the way up. But I'm adding a unique touch by trimming the stone with an inch and a quarter angle metal. I've already cut these pieces to length and drilled holes for screws. They'll be painted flat black, adding a cool design feature. Additionally, I'll be adding a nice wood mantel across.

The first step with Versetta Stone is setting your starter strip, much like siding. Then, each piece interlocks with the next. I used a level to ensure accuracy.

How to elevate your wood stove

Next, I installed the angle trim pieces, starting from the bottom and working my way up. These not only trim the area where drywall meets plywood but also finish the edge of the Versetta Stone neatly. I also took care to paint around the outlet and inside the angles to ensure no plywood shows through. The trickiest part was around the outlet, where I used construction adhesive and screws to secure temporary pieces until the Versetta Stone was in place. It's important to note that this is an indoor project, so no water barrier is necessary. However, for outdoor projects, ensure proper protection for your plywood.

After each row, I checked for level and continued until reaching the desired height for the mantle. Planning for the mantle involved measuring and marking studs for mounting brackets. I opted for black iron floor pedestals and pipes for brackets, ensuring they were level and secure. Cutting the Versetta Stone was done with a grinder, making plunge cuts and tapping out pieces. With some practice, it's a quick process.

DIY Barndominium wood stove install

Each course was checked for level using a six-foot level. Assembling the pieces involved sliding them into place and ensuring a flush, clean look. For the final course, shims were used to maintain alignment, and a slight gap was left for ease of installation. The last course required careful measuring and leaving space for interlocking tabs. Shims helped adjust any discrepancies in alignment.

Finally, securing the pieces with screws, being careful not to overtighten, completed the Versetta installation.

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