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Are You Considering Radiant In Floor Heat?

As you all know, we installed radiant in floor heat under the concrete in our house and garage. If you want to know more about the entire process and cost breakdown, each video is linked below. Part five has the cost breakdown if that's what you're most interested in. We did the install ourselves, so that's reflected in the pricing. We have around 4,600 +/- sf of concrete that can be heated.

We designed the home to have multiple heat sources. There is duct work run throughout the main floor and second floor and each floor will have their own furnace and air conditioning units.

The concrete on the main floor is heated and we have a wood stove that will be installed. Right now the only heat source we are using is the in floor heat, and it's doing a wonderful job keeping us and the home warm. We anticipate between this and the wood stove neither furnace will run all that much. It will be more efficient and cost us less over time.

Comfort is a big factor to consider with in floor heat. We aren't installing flooring on top of the concrete, so we knew we didn't want it to be cold to the touch/uncomfortable in the winter.

Budget was one of the main reasons we didn't run it up to the second floor. We knew there would be a furnace and that would be sufficient. Yes, it would have been awesome, but our kids can endure not having heated floors!

For some people in more mild winter climates, in floor heat might be all you need since you don't need heat every day for months on end like we do here in Iowa. One thing to note about this type of heating system is that it's not a "quick" turnaround. Meaning the slab won't heat or cool rapidly. It takes time, but is very consistent once it's reached the desired temp.

We're keeping track of the propane we are using all winter and will report back with how much we've used/cost. This winter will differ in that we're keeping the house and garage at the same temperature. Normally the garage will be much lower and go through a lot less propane.

If you're thinking about adding a system to your build we highly recommend contacting Mike Curry to design your control panel and boiler system. He has designed systems for over 400 post frame buildings/homes and understands how it needs to operate for this type of space.

Mike Curry

Curry Heating Systems


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