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Building a house | Tools you'll need

Hey everyone, welcome back to the blog! It's Monday, and I really appreciate you all tuning in. Today, I want to dive into something that's been a hot topic lately: tools. I've had quite a few of you reaching out, curious about the tools I've been using for my latest build. So, I've gathered up all my power tools, and we're going to go through them together.

mr post frame talking

First off, when it comes to purchasing tools, one thing I always consider is how often I'll actually use them. Take my recent post frame building project, for example. I needed to work with metal, so I invested in a nibbler. Now, I could have opted for the battery-operated version, but considering I might not be building another post frame building anytime soon, I went for the corded one. Sure, cordless tools are fantastic, but if they're going to sit idle for long periods, those batteries can go bad. Plus, the price difference was a significant factor for me.

Let's talk saws. A miter saw is a must-have for any DIY enthusiast. It's been my go-to for making precise cuts, especially when dealing with angles and miters. Then there's the circular saw, a real workhorse on my projects. From cutting plywood to tackling various tasks, it's a versatile tool that gets the job done. And let's not forget about the trusty sawzall, my go-to for demolition and remodeling work. Trust me, this one's a game-changer.

tools on display

Now, onto some specialty tools. The hand planer has come in handy, particularly for notching out posts and ensuring a perfect fit. While it's not a necessity, it sure does make life easier. And who could forget about the corded drill? Essential for drilling through tough materials like treated lumber without worrying about running out of power.

Speaking of power, cutting metal was a breeze with my Makita nibbler. Sure, it's not something I use every day, but when I need it, it delivers clean, precise cuts without breaking a sweat. And let's not forget about the air nailers. From framing to hangers, these tools have been indispensable on my builds.

Of course, no toolkit is complete without levels. Whether it's a traditional level or a laser level, ensuring everything is straight and true is crucial to any project's success.

And for setting posts and walls, a plate level is an absolute game-changer.

mr post frame and his dad cutting siding

So there you have it, folks. These are just a few of the tools that have been my right-hand companions throughout my latest project. If you're thinking about embarking on your own DIY journey, just remember: choose your tools wisely, invest in quality where it counts, and don't be afraid to get your hands dirty. Until next time, happy building!

mr and mrs post frame

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