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Building a Post Frame Home | Metal Porch Ceiling | Remington | Part 18

Metal porch ceiling install

Hey everyone, we are back at the Remington build. Our electricians have just wrapped the wiring portion of the project, and now it's time to work on the ceiling. It's going to be a white metal ceiling, and we've chosen J trim to run along the sides, down, up, over the peak, back down, and over. We'll push our steel all the way to the side and follow up with a custom trim piece to finish off the porch.

Cutting holes in metal ceiling for lights

To accommodate the wiring for the lights, our electricians looped it up where they want the lights to be. I'll be cutting six-inch holes using a tool I typically use for HVAC work – it makes clean circular cuts. Once the holes are cut, the electricians can pull their wires through and install the lights.

Even though this porch won't have insulation, we've ensured stability by placing nailers on each side and one down the middle, spanning the eight feet. Additional nailers have been added for extra support. We then go in, one piece at a time begin screwing in the panels of our ceiling. It is definitely a two person job. You can have one person supporting the other side and ensuring nothing is shifting as you screw.

Right-angle screwdriver tool

Now, for this nifty right-angle tool – it makes life easier when working on ceilings. Just slide it down, and we're good to go. It's a small thing, but it helps alot. It reaches those places that you can't get your screwdriver in very easily.

Tools for DIY metal ceiling

Here's the tool I mentioned earlier for cutting holes in the metal ceiling. It works like a charm for creating six-inch round holes, which is what the electricians need for their wiring. Keep in mind, though, it does produce some hot burrs.

This wraps up one of the final step for finishing off the exterior of the Remington build. It is a 60 by 80 post frame home. Today we put in countless screws and seriously broke a sweat. If you have any questions about installing a metal porch ceiling or anything else, feel free to drop them in the comments or check out the video. Your support means a lot, and we'll catch you in the next one!

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