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Building a Shouse | Setting Trusses | Part 5

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Installing trusses in barndominium build

This is part five in our shouse series. In this part, we'll be setting up 60-foot wide 4/12 trusses using the JCB Teleskid and our Skid Pro boom. This was my first time working with trusses this large using this setup, so stick with me.

As you can see, I'm cutting off the overhangs from the trusses. The trusses came with 18-inch overhangs, but we need 24-inch ones, so I'm trimming them and adding overhang jacks to achieve the desired size.

60 foot wide trusses

To prepare them, I attached 20-foot 2x4s on edge to these 60-foot wide trusses. This adds rigidity. Then, I placed boards on top to evenly distribute the load. This method is works very well, and helps the truss setting process fly by.

As we approached the second-to-last truss, we secured the top cord to the previous trusses with 2x4s. This allows us to build the end wall and set up the last truss. We then installed the last set of purlins. To ensure precise spacing between the trusses, we measured before screwing these in, making adjustments if needed.

trimming truss overhangs to prepare for installation

To align the end wall properly, we measured across to the column parallel with the one we're working on. This building is 80 feet long, and we want it to be exact. We've had to improvise due to an imperfect reference line, but we're ensuring accuracy by using this method.

As we proceed with the assembly, there's an interesting thought. Should we call a level a "plumber" when using it to ensure vertical alignment? It's a playful idea to consider.

To finish the assembly, we secure the parts in place, and we're good to go. We've successfully set up these trusses. With this setup, I'd say 60-foot width and 14-foot sidewalls are the maximum I'd recommend. We might extend the boom further, but it's crucial to consider the weight distribution. We're planning to add fascia boards, square up the roof, and install it once the weather allows.

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