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Building My Dream Porch: A DIY Adventure

Hey there, fellow DIY enthusiasts! Today has been quite an adventure in the freezing cold, but the excitement of finally making progress on my dream porch is keeping me warm. It's currently a chilly 20 degrees, but the promise of a sunny day ahead is enough to lift my spirits. I've got big plans for this porch, and I can't wait to share the journey with you.

Let's rewind a bit and catch up on where I left off. I've got a 2x6 extending from the house, with rafters every 20 inches. Now, it's time to tackle framing up the roof. The goal for today is to create joists that sit on my Gert and extend across to the beam. Measurements, calculations, and a bit of freezing weather won't stop me!

a picture of the porch framing done

As I dive into this morning's work, the threat of melting ice from the roof adds a layer of excitement. The dedication to this project knows no bounds. I start by cutting and placing the joists, making sure everything is sturdy and ready for the next steps.

Moving forward, I decide to add a hip-hip end to the porch for that extra touch of aesthetics. With all the rafters in place, I meticulously measure and cut, ensuring that each element aligns perfectly with my vision. A one-foot overhang and a meticulously measured fascia board are the next on the agenda.

Now, onto the tricky part – purlins. With a sense of determination, I begin attaching them, making compound cuts that, to be honest, can be a bit confusing. But fear not, DIYers! I've got a little trick up my sleeve – a template board to ensure precision before the final cuts.

I'm conquering the challenge of installing purlins on half of the porch. Compound cuts may be tricky, but my trusty template board is here to save the day. The key is to find that perfect fit, and I'm not afraid to get a little creative to make it happen.

mr post frame hammering in nails

Now, let's talk about cutting rafters – a crucial step in this porch-building journey. Knowing the pitch of the roof is essential. Armed with the Pythagorean theorem, I calculate the angles and lengths needed for a perfect fit. It's all about precision, and I've learned that the hard way. Trust me, getting those angles right is a game-changer.

As I cut the rafters, I walk you through the process, sharing tips and tricks to make the job smoother. Whether it's marking the angles, setting the saw, or using a template board, attention to detail is key. Oh, and don't forget the satisfaction of seeing everything fall into place.

Fascia boards have their own set of challenges, especially when dealing with warping. I share a quick tip – cutting and installing support boards to straighten out those wayward fascia boards. It's a bit of extra work, but when you're a one-person DIY army, you learn to think outside the box.

a picture with the porch construction going on

With the framing complete, it's time to think about the next steps. I contemplate adding extra support for wind resistance and finalize my plans for the plywood sheeting. The ground might be a bit muddy now, but tomorrow is a new day, and I'm determined to see this project through.

So, there you have it – a glimpse into my DIY porch-building journey. It's a mix of precision, creativity, and a touch of improvisation. I can't wait to see this dream porch come to life, and I'm grateful to have you along for the ride. Stay tuned for more updates as we turn this vision into a reality!

mr and mrs post frame

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