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Cedar Board Porch Ceiling #HYWYB

We've had a couple of warmer days after enduring sub zero temps for over a week, so that got us thinking about the projects left outside. We're still waiting on a decision about the interior walls, but we have to keep moving forward!

I'll be posting about using Versetta Stone around the door very soon, but first Paul wanted to finish the ceiling of the area that he was going to be working in. We went back and forth and through a lot of options for how to finish this area and the entire porch ceiling. There are a lot of great things that you can use, and we chose to go with a wood look. It drew us in the most, and we think it'll bring warmth to the space. There is a lot of metal and concrete involved with this build, so doing a handful of things that are warmer will give our barndo more curb appeal.

The posts for the porch are rough sawn cedar from Menards, so we opted to stick with the cedar for the ceiling. If you're in Iowa, we purchased the boards from Gilcrest Jewett. They're smooth on one side, and rough on the other so you can choose your look. We plan to seal all of the cedar posts and ceiling once it's complete.

Eventually we'll have swings, seating areas, can lights, fans, and speakers out here too! We know that we'll spend as much time as possible out here with the kids.

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