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Cleaning Windows + Concrete Floors

Construction clean up phase 1 is done! We're moving forward fast! The paint looks awesome, and things took a huge step forward uncovering the windows and floors for the last time. We still have the wood ceiling to finish, but that'll be the next step!

There are boxes of wood flooring everywhere, cabinets, light fixtures, and electrical "stuff". I CANNOT wait to see things installed in their proper spaces. It feels like the house is dramatically changing everyday now, whereas before it took months to see major progress.

We've done this type of cleaning more than once, so I'd like to think we have it narrowed down to the best products/methods.

The concrete floors have MANY more cleanings in their future. The goal with this one was to get the majority of the junk out of the stress cuts and some of the surface dust. We'll likely be mopping it a couple more times soon, and then it'll be several times before we seal it with epoxy. Next up for the floors will be to grout all of the stress cuts, then a light grinding, and topping them with epoxy.

Here is what we use for cleaning our concrete floors:

Windows are a lot of work to get really clean. There's nothing I can say to make it sound any different LOL. While they're a lot of work, they're also a task that is highly rewarding when you're finished. We have SO MANY WINDOWS in our house, and I don't regret it one bit! Paul tackled the upper windows (thank you fear of heights), and I stuck with the ones I could stay on the ground.

There are a handful of items that made this task a breeze (relatively speaking):

  1. Remove the Screens: they need to be cleaned anyway, and it allowed to get the window sill better

  2. Clothes Steamer + Putty Knife: Yep, I just steamed and scraped those stickers

  3. Lemon Oil: For the stubborn adhesives

  4. Norwex Enviro Cloth: I washed the window and sill with this cloth and warm water

  5. Norwex Window/Polish Cloth: Dried the final product = no streaks

That process, repeated 36 times, led to sparkling clean windows! Whoohoo!

Another item that keeps being useful during this entire build is our Metaltech Scaffolding. We bought it hoping it would make some things easier, and it's been more than that. It's become an ESSENTIAL item for our project!

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