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Delays + Price Increases

The latest trend in the building world is talking about how much prices are going UP! I think we've all been well-educated on lumber prices and despair by now.

We were very fortunate that we had already purchased almost all of the lumber that we needed by the time prices started going up. We started working on this project 2 years ago this month.

Here is what I am noticing:

Cabinetry: It was priced around what I expected in January when we ordered... maybe it's gone up a ton since? But, delivery was 6 weeks which seems standard to me for semi-custom cabinet orders.

Appliances: Ordered our suite in the middle of January and they're set to arrive sometime in the next 3 weeks. Everything but the refrigerator was ready at the end of March, but it was the end of April before the entire package was complete and they shipped.

Doors: We just ordered our doors and the type we got seem to be the same as the estimates I have from June 2020.

Trim: We had to change our trim plan up big time. We originally wanted to use 1x4 select pine boards, but their cost is up about 50% from June. We chose Poplar instead and it's not going to be as "beefy" a look, but we ended up spending about $800 more than originally budgeted.

Hardwood Flooring: This was one of our best finds. We'll be giving you ALL the details soon! I will say I asked the rep about rising lumber prices and if they were seeing rising costs and he said that with what they deal with the costs were remaining the same.

Stair Pieces: This felt like one of the hardest things to locate lately! We are doing all white oak stairs and needed unfinished pieces. I found ONE place that the lead time wasn't at least a month out.

Porch Ceiling: That's one space we really wish we were going to completely finish this summer, but it's not looking good! The cost has nearly doubled for the t/g cedar boards we need so we only did the peak above the front door.

What are your thoughts? Have you found the same things happening or do you have a different perspective? Go ahead and leave a comment!

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