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Dining Room Closet Ideas

Over on the Marshall Remodel Instagram we showed the closet that sits between the kitchen and dining rooms. It could have been a part of our master closet, but we decided instead to have some storage that was very accessible from the main parts of the house.

That's one of Paul's biggest strengths is maximizing storage spaces no matter the size of house. If you wish every item in your house had a home Paul could make it happen. My strength lies in organizing the final product, so together we have made a lot of storage space dreams come true.

To review, the plan for the dining room is to have upper and lower cabinets along the wall with a countertop for serving. We just don't know if the budget will allow for that right away. Eventually there will be a lot of extra space to display special dishes, store entertaining pieces, and then the closet will be completely repurposed.

I asked our Instagram friends how you would use the closet and you had some great ideas! I wanted to share one along with the organization items to make it happen.

Game or Craft closet. This is a WONDERFUL idea if these are things that you do for family time. My preference is to use containers whenever possible to store smaller bags because it gives things a uniform look. You could replicate this system for a lot of other types of items too.

For smaller games and flashcards we use pencil pouches, small puzzles we use plastic bags and combine them in containers, larger puzzles get their own containers, and the larger games and items usually fit in a 2 gallon plastic bag.

6 Quart "Shoe Box" containers can often be found in store, or you can order them HERE and HERE.

You might be able to snag a good deal on pencil pouches when school supplies are out, but if you're ready to get going now you can get a big pack HERE.

Arranging your bags or loose items inside a bigger container makes things look tidier and easier to clean up. The pink bin in the picture is a 12x12 cube. Most of the cube storage systems have 11x11 openings.

If you want a nice wood look check out THIS.

There are some nice fabric options HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Tip: Measure your shelf depth before you buy a bunch of containers! Not having to struggle with your efforts to organize is key!

Check out Marshall Remodel's LikeToKnow.It for all of my favorites!






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