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Exterior + Interior Framing

It's been a blast sharing with a bunch of different owner builder accounts each week on Instagram. There are a lot of different home types and stories. Some of the builds are about to begin, while others are moving along. There are even a handful that are living in their completed space! I encourage you to check out Instagram. I save each week in the highlights section and use the #OurRealBuild logo!

One of the major differences between what you'd call a traditionally build house and a post frame build is in the way they're framed. You've probably noticed with new construction that it seems like all of the walls and rooms are in place before the siding and roof go on. When it comes to a post frame home, you'll see the entire exterior complete before a single wall goes up inside. It's actually a great option for an owner build because you can get your home enclosed and take your time finishing the interior without worrying about it being exposed to the weather.

Roof trusses can span greater lengths, allowing for higher ceilings and larger rooms without added support. If you build a one level post frame home, NONE of your interior walls will be load bearing! You could literally change up your floor plan inside without any structural concerns. We built a two story so that's not the case for our main level, but it is true for the second floor!

There is a lot to talk about when it comes to framing, but I think if you want to get the best information you should check out our framing playlists. Paul has one for all of the exterior framing of the building, and then another for how he did the interior framing. There are a lot of tips for securing your framing to concrete, installing framing for a pocket door, and more!

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