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Garage Life: Organized WorkSpaces

It was time for a little refresh today! Each of us (5 in all) have a folding table that we use as our desk in the garage. Paul and I use ours to run Marshall Remodel, and the kids use theirs for all of the art projects and "special" items. We prioritized making spaces for everyone to work and create when we lived in the townhouse last year. It ended up being one of the most brilliant things we've ever done. You can read about the little's space HERE and you can check out what my space used to look like HERE.

While we've changed things up some, we kept the same desks/folding tables because they're really practical. In the house everyone is going to get a real desk, but these work great! I suppose they're also super practical for the age of our kids... not as tragic if they use permanent marker on the top!

I can't wait to get into our house and really set up the office. When you look through our Amazon Store you'll see a bunch of the stuff that I'm "wishing" for in the new space, but a lot of what I am using now will come with. It's tried and true and has worked great!

The PLANNER that I use is my favorite. I'll do a post on this another time, but I use Google Calendar for my schedule, and converted the planner to a weekly to do list. It's been so helpful in keeping on top of the build, our YouTube channel, and everything else I take care of.

A tried and true tool that keeps me organized all over the house is THIS label maker. It's been with us through at least 3 moves and never lets me down!

Head on over to our Amazon Store and LikeToKnow.It pages to see what else I love and recommend!





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