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Gravel Ep2

The entrance into the property was originally much steeper than it is now. Getting in with a truck was difficult let alone a regular vehicle. It rained so much during that stage of the build and we found ourselves in mess of mud.

Once we were able to get some trucks in with gravel it made getting in and out much easier. We used 3” clean rock as our base, and didn’t use anything else while construction was underway. We’ll finish this with smaller rock when construction is complete.

The driveway is around 550 feet and took 3 loads initially.

Locally we have used Beeler Trucking in Winterset, IA (515) 468-0815.

You might have caught Paul talking about a conex box delivery. Unfortunately when it arrived they weren’t able to get it into the property, which is why you never see it! We were disappointed because they made GREAT storage and can be used for a lot of other cool things.

We hope you’re inspired to Build Your Dream.

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