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Hanging a Light Above Our Front Door | Post Frame Porch Finishes

Having the weather turn warm after being -22 got us excited about finishing up some exterior things! We are SO glad we went ahead and planted grass seed in the fall. The kids are already loving being able to run and play with less mud! Don't worry, they manage to find what mud and dirt does exist!

We've already installed the cedar ceiling for the peak above the door, and used Versetta Stone by Boral Building Products around it- also using this in the house! The front door finishing touch was the light! We have been looking for a long time for this light and the rest of the exterior lights we need. In general, nothing jumped out at us and really I over-complicated it. A friend helped me scour the internet for options, and another told me to relax because unless your lights are hideous people don't notice them. Haha!

The light we decided on is a very nice, simple option. There are 3 bulbs, so it'll be bright (nope we haven't been able to turn it on yet).

We will be sharing the rest of the exterior lights soon! Here's a sneak peak at the option we chose.

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