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How To Make + Hang a Live Edge Mantle

Getting to use materials from our land to complete our home is one of the most exciting things about this project. It makes something amazing even more special knowing it's from our property. The mantle that hangs on our wood stove chimney wall is a brand from a red oak tree that was down in our woods. Paul saw it on the ground awhile back and knew he wanted to create something from it.

The mantle was also the first thing we've used the chainsaw mill to make. That was an unexpected but fun addition to our building process. Scroll to the bottom for links to all of the videos pertaining to that!

We may end up sealing and/or staining the mantle, but for now we are leaving it. The raw wood and live edge is EXACTLY what we were hoping to add to this space.

Getting it up onto the wall was tricky, and I admit I was freaked out and didn't really help the situation! Paul used black pipe that he attached to the wall and drilled holes that went into the backside of the mantle. Pretty clever and it made it incredibly sturdy.

It'll get a proper decor overhaul too once we are officially done with construction in this area of the house!

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