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Kwikset Exterior Handles

We are thrilled to be partnering with Kwikset on today’s post! In all of our homes we have used Kwikset products making it no debate when it came to the Mad County Build.

For the front door we chose the Vancouver Handleset with Halifax Lever in Iron Black. I want to use black handles throughout the house and when I saw this I knew it needed to be on our front door! Besides the color, the style is PERFECT. A sleek, clean look is one of my favorite things to incorporate into all of our designs.

The feature that drew us to Kwikset years ago is their Smart Key technology. You can key all of the locks to work with the same key, and easily I might add! This has been fantastic for our homes since we typically have 2+ entrances and other out buildings. I can't remember a time where I had to remember which key was the front door, back door, side door... you get the idea.

On the garage we wanted something that would work with all of the ins and outs that come with kids and life in the country!  The Smart Code 916 Contemporary is amazing! Welcome to the world where you can intentionally leave your keys behind!

There is an app that we can use to lock/unlock the door from anywhere! More often than not I leave and wonder... this will give me the answer.

Probably the feature I am looking forward to the MOST is the option for multiple codes. It's programmable for up to 30 codes and you can SCHEDULE dates and times for those codes to be used. That is a game changer when we need to let people in but don't want them to have permanent access like with a key. There is a log so you can see who's codes were used and when. The possibilities with this are great!

This lock is compatible with Alexa, SmartThings, and Wink.

Want to see the install? Watch Paul's video on our YouTube channel.

Thank you Kwikset for partnering on today’s post.

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