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Lights, Switches, + Outlets

Comprehensive list with images and links to make finding what you need easier. Comment with a question, or email us at Most of the images are clickable, or the link is in the caption below. These are the products used in our personal build and most have been used by us in multiple projects. We may earn a small commission from some of the links.

LIGHTS (Decorative Fixtures + Fans will be in another post)

5-6" Recessed Trim 4-pack

Commercial Electric 5-6" Recessed Trim comes in 5 color warmth options. We are using neutral for this project. This is the main size we used throughout the house.

For openings in the ceiling that were larger than the trim, we used this extra trim piece. This was only needed on the wood ceiling.

Commercial Electric 4" Recessed Trim also in 5 color warmth options. We used neutral. This size is what we put in closets and as reading lights above beds.

Here is the comparison of the light warmths available for these recessed trims.

This color is a close match to the neutral recessed light setting. It comes in a dimmable and non-dimmable option- remember to use the correct option depending on the wiring!

We used Vintage style bulbs for the exterior lights. These in particular are in the light above the front door. You could use the same bulbs in daylight. We used these Vintage style bulbs for the bathrooms vanities. The dining room + island lights have Edison style bulbs.

This version is more of a daylight color, but this style is commonly needed for chandelier options. We are using this in Lendlee's room above her desk.


We have purchased this set more than any other switch. It is worth the extra investment. They come with removable covers. Most often our switches like this are in a row with others, so we used the covers in other spots.

This is an individual switch that comes in as a single, 3-pack, or 6-pack (cheaper per switch the more you buy!) There are sometimes options that include the cover too.

This is a basic switch we used where we didn't need the dimmer switches.

It also comes in a single pack, and a lot of home improvement stores offer bulk pricing.

Our ceiling fan/light in the master bedroom is run off of this switch.

We used this fan and light control in the upstairs bedrooms.

This option is our preference for controlling the fan only.

On the left is a motion sensor switch for the vanity light in the bathrooms. This is a little extra expense, but it will make it easier for kids and guests to see where they're going at night!

The dual rocker switch controls the fan and recessed lighting in the bathrooms.


Sticking to the basics for outlets. Most houses will need several boxes of these.

The hallway upstairs is pretty long, so we added these nightlight outlets that can be turned on manually or the motion sensor.

These outlets w/USB ports were added in our office and bedside to make charging devices more convenient.

GFCI outlets where you need them.


Nothing special about this. But you'll need a lot of them.

These are the nicer covers if you want a look that doesn't show the screws.

Then there's the basic cover you can find to fit the number of switches you have.

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