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MCB | Bathroom Accessories

Our personal home known as the Mad County Build is a 2-story post frame barndominium. The floor plan includes 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. The primary suite has a bathroom, then a main floor bath for entertaining guests. The second floor our girls share a large bathroom that's set up for privacy between the sinks and the shower/toilet area. Our son Remington has his own bathroom and the guest room has a small bath. Watch the video on YouTube to get a glimpse of these spaces (minus the primary suite) and their square footage.

Since we have so many bathrooms... it actually took awhile to get all of the fixtures and accessories installed! We were able to tackle the last bit of it over the weekend.

All of our plumbing fixtures are matte black, but we used two difference Pfister collections to complete the looks. Typically I would only use a single collection, but I love that i mixed the two. Since it's the same brand the black was a perfect match so it was really all about the lines for me.

Towel Ring from the Contempra Collection

Paper Holder from the Contempra Collection

Robe + Towel Hook from the Contempra Collection

Faucets from the Ladera Collection

Tub + Shower Faucets from the Ladera Collection

Read more about the bathroom faucets HERE

Thank you, Pfister for partnering with us on this build!

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