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MCB | Bathroom Faucets

The Mad County large floor plan has five bathrooms with a total of seven vanities. This allows our entire family and guests to be able to have their own space. So far it's working out great.

I love uniformity with design which is why I opted to use the same cabinetry, countertops, and plumbing fixtures in all of our bathrooms. There is a lot of other ways that we are personalizing the bathrooms using tile, towels, and other decor.

As with everything we do, I wanted to find fixtures that were affordable but high quality. Faucets are used daily and can cause big problems if they fail! We came across the Ladera collection by Pfister and feel like it fits perfectly with our overall vision. The first piece of the collection we purchased were the tub shower faucets. I was very happy to see that the coordinating faucet came in 3 pieces with the faucet and handles all separate. It elevates the look of the bathroom to see the faucet pieces more distinctly and shows off the countertop better.

The Ladera collection comes in 4 finish options including our choice- Matte Black. It's also a very affordable line of products, but they are definitely good quality. They are heavy and work smoothly which will be nice given they are used daily.

Installing the faucets went very smoothly. They are easy to work with, and this is something you could handle on your own. If you're replacing a faucet, make sure it has the same number of openings as your current one, or that you can fill/cut new ones. Scroll to the end of this post for our install video. Leave a comment if this is a part of your project you're willing to tackle!

Here are my suggestions when choosing your plumbing fixtures:

  1. Determine if you want to have one color throughout the house or if you're open to mixing. This is entirely personal. I like choosing one color for plumbing fixtures with an exception here and there.

  2. Compare your choice with your cabinets samples. While the cabinetry we used is very versatile, not all of the finish colors looked appealing to me. I was a little surprised at what did and did not work in our space.

  3. Don't be afraid to mix collections. Pfister has several collections that offer matte black and I picked different collections to complete my bathroom look including our accessories and master shower. It was nice knowing that the color match would be perfect and I could choose based on my style preference.

4. Make your countertop fabricators aware of your choices! They should ask, but in case they don't have the items you are using available on site so they can properly place the openings.

5. *Self Build or Self GC* Make a list! Comb through your plans and list what you need by room. If you're doing the same thing in multiple rooms have a grand total at the end of what you need of each item. This will save time when installs happen and you won't risk items being unavailable.

Thank you Pfister for partnering with us on the Mad County Build. Below are the products we used in this project:

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