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MCB Kitchen Cabinets

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

All of the details for the Mad County Build kitchen cabinets are here!

For help with your cabinet design

You'll receive a discount through MR Post Frame.

We purchased our cabinetry through which offers cabinet lines from Pivot, Starmark, and Ultracraft.

I designed our kitchen and bathrooms all online and over the phone. It was one of the best experiences I've had with any home that we have designed. The process was simple, easy to follow, and my designer was attentive to every detail. It all started by using their online project form found HERE.

Once I submitted my information, I was presented with a design and given the chance to make a single round of edits before any downpayment was required. After a down payment was made, then I combed through every last inch of the renderings and with the help of my amazing designer we were able to come up with the kitchen you see in our home today.

I received full-size door samples in the different species and stains that I was considering. This was beyond helpful in choosing cabinetry and also all of our other finishes! I have been able to compare our sample against hardware, appliances, countertops, etc.


BRAND | Ultracraft

STYLE | Shaker

STAIN | Storm Grey


One piece cabinet with 2 doors; shelves held in place; easy snap-off, soft-close hinges

Pricing is always a question that comes up whenever we discuss something in our build. Cabinetry pricing is going to be extremely difficult to compare since you might not have the same size kitchen, ceiling height, or desires for the design. I did price our design with another firm and came in significantly lower for the exact same thing. They also have several "perks" that come standard with cabinet purchases.

Hidden utensil drawer; easy to remove soft-close drawers

When you're considering your budget, there are some things you'll want to keep in mind:

  1. Drawers cost more than doors (but we LOVE drawers).

  2. Deco-Doors on the ends of each cabinet run add to the cost, but they really elevate the look.

  3. Interior add ons add up. My biggest splurge was the double-decker cutlery divider.

For information on our appliances check THIS out.

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