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MCB Kitchen Island + Canned Goods Storage


Cabinets purchased through Find all details HERE including discount.

Cabinet Sizing | 10'x3'

Countertop Sizing | 10'x4' (exact measurements slightly larger with edge, etc.)

Island Seating | 12 inch overhang, no brackets or leg support recommended by countertop manufacturer


Front | Trash 18", Dishwasher 24", Sink Base 36", Dishwasher 24", Drawers 18"

Back | Three 2 door cabinets that are 12" deep 39", 42", 39"


Dishwasher | Cafe Appliances

Purchasing information, mention Marshall Remodel for discount:

Stephen Rehn | Internet Sales Associate

Plesser’s Appliance

Direct: 631.532.3454 | Main: 877.957.5377 | Ext. 2218

Sink | 33" white apron front, similar HERE

Faucet | Pfister Norden (gifted)

Disposal Button | Matte Black

Countertops | Calacatta Volegno purchased through Fox Countertops

Counter Height Stools | Edgemod Brinley in Tan

They come in Bar Height + Dining Chair too!

Hardware | Hickory Hardware Studio (gifted)

Lighting | Fixtures listed HERE


We used the back of the island which has full access to 12 inch depth cabinets. The shallow depth is great for storing canned goods, and makes it easy to rotate stock, keep shelves from being overloaded, etc.

There is extra support in the center of each shelf using extra cabinet trim pieces- nothing fancy. Location needed was marked in pencil on the cabinet making it easy to tell if the support is off center.

How you divide your canned goods is personal preference. I wanted to keep color/type together as much as possible. Eventually this will be only for current use items and we will create additional storage in our storm shelter.

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