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Our First Try at Concrete Countertops Part 1

If you've followed home design trends lately you've probably seen a kitchen with concrete countertops. It's something fresh and different, and unlike granite or quartz it is completely customizable.

When we were designing the kitchen I'm the one who said "Why don't we give concrete a try?" In the end we are really happy with them and what we did to finish them. The process, however, wasn't exactly quick and easy!

We decided to pour the countertops in place. it was the better option since we didn't have the manpower or the workspace to pre-cast. I found the edge forms at Z Counterform. The rest of the supplies can be found at a home improvement store.

After doing research we found a specific mix that was for concrete countertops at Menards (our favorite home improvement store). It's more expensive than regular bagged concrete, but definitely worth it.

The kitchen and upstairs bathrooms all have concrete counters. There was a day's worth of prep, buying the supplies, etc. A couple of the edges Paul had to custom cut and piece the edge forms to make it work with the cabinets. Being able to troubleshoot is a must-have skill for this project. There were several things that needed quick thinking when they didn't quite go as planned.

Stay tuned for part 2 as we show you more of this project!

Choosing Joy,

ZCounterform edge forms HERE

Concrete Countertop Mix HERE

Concrete Mixer HERE

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