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What Tools Should You Invest In For a Self-Build Barndo?

Preparing to build your own home/barndominium/post frame home is no small task. It requires countless hours of planning, researching, and list making. One list you're going to want to start is for tools and equipment. You'll want to have some sort of system to know what you have, what you need, and then make decisions on whether to buy or rent. For those of you who already have a lot of tools, one thing to watch for are tools that will need to be replaced soon. Inevitably we have to buy new versions of something we already have every single project. So, keep in mind you might have a few hundred dollars in expenses for things you "already have".

This is the first of many posts and resources in the works for you all! We have to start somewhere, so we're going with 5 tools that are worth investing above and beyond the basics. These are things that have made the process SO much easier and accurate.

First up is the Stabila Laser Level. 100% you NEED this. Paul reviews it while using it to lay out walls and when he's building the storm shelter. You can watch those episodes here and here.

Having a DEWALT Job Site Table Saw is another investment that makes a lot of things along the way easier and efficient. We've had this through a couple of projects, and its portability makes it perfect. One of the challenges of building can be finding space to store everything either in a trailer or on site. Going with some compact tools can help free up a lot of space. You'll start seeing it in Episode 4 and it's been used all through this series.

The DEWALT Sliding Compound Miter Saw is another tool you might go back and forth on, but save up and get it! It got a ton of use for all of the framing, which is summed up in this video. Don't forget the stand! We have an inexpensive one from Menards, but want to upgrade to this ToughBuilt miter saw stand.

Coming down in price is the DEWALT Worm Drive Circular Saw as another tool Paul thinks is a must-have for the project. We have the corded version which is the most affordable. You can also get a battery operated version.

Last but not least (for this list) is the Bostich Framing Nailer. Ya just need one! If you don't have an air compressor and hose to go with this you can check out this and that option.

Have some other suggestions for tools that are worth the investment? Leave them in the comments below! Follow us on Like To Know It for more of our favorite tools, products, and more!

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